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What are Living Figures?

Datasets bundled with their own visualization code

A “living figure” is an interactive web app which contains both the data and the code which transforms it into an interactive visualization.
These apps give you the ability to interact with data in complex ways directly in your web browser, without having to install anything on your computer.

Easily save your work
After you’ve tweaked your visualization settings, or uploaded your own data, you can easily save (or ‘clone’) a copy of your work as a new file.
When you open that file, the app will launch with all of your changes saved.

Why does it take so long to load?
Living figures run by installing all of their Python dependencies directly into your web browser. This usually takes 15 to 25 seconds.
Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages by researchers. It provides powerful functionality for manipulating and visualizing complex data sets, while still being quite user-friendly.

Living figures are free and open
By running entirely inside your web browser, living figures don’t require any servers or subscriptions.
You can send a living figure to anyone, and be reasonably sure it will start right up in their web browser (we test in Chrome).

You can make your own living figures
All of the living figures on this website can be found at github.com/FredHutch/living-figures along with the code used to render the website itself.
The Python library used to create living figures can be found at github.com/FredHutch/widgets.
By following some of the examples here, it should be possible to turn your visualization into a living figure.
If you’d like to share it with others directly on this website, please be in touch.

PyPI version

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